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Join Now Login Search Community. I have a nine year old Blue-Fronted Amazon parrot — I’ve been a huge fan of birds and parrots ever since I was a small child. Anyone else have the privilege of caring for one of these exoric creatures? I keep thinking of the parrot in the movie “Home Alone 3”. The funniest lines in the movie come from the parrot. Once it says, “If those are real, then I’m an eagle. I have hundreds of wild birds in my garden.. Am feeding them 3 times a day and we be came really friendly.. They wake me up every morning at 8 o’clock.. Just love them

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Bird accessories for every parrot lover. Take your parrot outside in a stroller! Parrot Toys. Perches. Give your parrot places to stand in their cage and throughout.

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Moulesong said people may hear him before they see him. Moulesong, who has rescued Macaws for 20 years, said she rescued Kaii three years ago from a situation where he was crammed in a cage with other parrots living in four inches of dank flood water. She said she recently adopted Kaii out to a man in East Chicago because she believed it would be a better situation where the bird could live with a female mate.

He said Kaii had been missing for a month and he never told me. I was told they can survive in the summer if they have a water source and food, but come winter, he will die out there.

That’s why we create this Parrot Lovers Square Diamond Painting Pattern which will make you feel inspired and excited about Arts, Crafts, Sewing and your 5D.

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The Carolina Parakeet Conuropsis carolinensis was the only parrot species native to the eastern United States. It was found from southern New York and Wisconsin to the Gulf of Mexico, and lived in old forests along rivers. It is the only species classified in the genus Conuropsis. The last known wild specimen was killed in Okeechobee County, Florida, in , and the last captive bird died at the Cincinnati Zoo on February 21, This was the male specimen, called “Incas”, who died within a year of his mate, “Lady Jane”.

Coincidentally, Incas died in the same aviary cage in which the last Passenger Pigeon, “Martha”, had died nearly four years earlier.

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Until we are allowed to gather again — all in person meetings are suspended until further notice. We are a club where you can meet other bird enthusiasts, find resources, attend monthly meetings and socialize. Follow us on our Facebook Page for updates and photos. Our website is currently under construction and we apologize for any delays in the updates! Suggestions and ideas are always welcome for the website and meetings. For any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our next meeting is postponed until further notice, but you can always join our conversations online!

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Pet parrots were imported to Europe from South, North and Central America from early in the 16th century. African and Asian parrots were already popular by this time. Parrots were being kept as pets in America way back in ancient history, in their native countries. The first pet parrots in Brazil date from 5, years ago, and they were popular household companions in the Pacific islands too. In India they were being kept as pets 3, years ago; in Egypt 2, years ago; and in China years ago.

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An estimated 14 million birds live in captivity across the United States, a great many of them parrots. And no wonder: With their captivating colors, acrobatic antics and often silly personalities, these avian characters are hard to resist. Pet parrots can be incredible if demanding friends, but for people more accustomed to fluffy mammalian companions, they can present some unexpected challenges. The long-lived, intelligent and highly social birds need especially high amounts of attention and enrichment, or else they can pick up bad habits and find themselves bored and stressed to the point where they pluck out their own feathers.

While some pet parrots come from breeders, trade in exotic parrots is big business around the globe, and it contributes significantly to their decline in the wild. Thankfully trafficking in wild birds has been less of a problem in the U. Now, in honor of the 14th annual National Bird Day , get a little bird-brained with these 14 facts about parrots:.

As a famous research subject, the African grey parrot Alex was said to have the intelligence of a human 5-year-old. Now the psittacine tribe can claim another brainy feat: tool use. Researchers at the University of York and the University of St. Andrews observed captive greater vasa parrots Coracopsis vasa using date pits and pebbles to pulverize cockle shells. Male vasas ate the powder and then offered a regurgitated calcium-rich snack to females before mating.

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French Version. Nutritional deficiencie are still, at the beginning of this millennium, with poor hygiene and psychological stress the greatest causes of disease or premature death in our “domestic” parrots. Malnutrition is a silent killer that works slowly, daily. Months, even years of poor or inadequate diet can jeopardize the health of a bird forever.

Sorry, there are no tours or activities available to book online for the date(s) you We love going to the parrot place the staff are amazing and the products.

Some weekends the NY Times captivates me more than others and this past weekend, I found myself dog earring pages and tearing out articles. Two articles were great- one about caged birds and another about texting and dating. Not to mention a delicious healthy green smoothie recipe. Read on…. Or been at the zoo and seen one rapidly pacing back and forth and felt your heart bleed?

An unexpected bond between damaged birds and traumatized veterans could reveal surprising insights into animal intelligence. I nearly needed a highlighter with this one. As a biology major in college, a lover of wildlife and big supporter of research and conservation for all creatures great and small, I love articles like this one. Can you imagine what it must be like to be confined to a cage?

Click here to read the full article — it will change the way you think about cockatoos and parrots and, well, all caged birds. I think I would really get myself into trouble. I actually had to talk to my husband on the phone when we were 23 and 24 and meeting, dating and falling in love. Thankfully, I like to talk, so there was plenty to say. I had to learn to express myself both logically and romantically, I had to express what I wanted, hoped for, expected — all of that.

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After many hours and many long nights of research I was getting very discouraged. Then I found Avian Adventures Aviary. The website alone has so much information that I wish I had found it at the beginning of my research. Each time I spoke with Rita over the phone she was so patient and answered all of my questions. In all my years of having birds I have never met anyone, including breeders, pet stores, and veterinarians, that have the wealth of information that Rita does.

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GQ Hype. Expect daily live music and tropical cocktails at Idris Elba’s new rainforest watering hole in Covent Garden. Packed with more superstars than a red-carpet roll call — Matthew McConaughey , Woody Harrelson and Benedict Cumberbatch , to name but a few — it was obvious right from the opening night that The Parrot would not be a normal bar. And why would it when the bar in question belongs to none other than Idris Elba, who has just launched the concept in collaboration with brothers Nicky and Lee Caulfield?

The interiors are best described as Rainforest Cafe chic and we mean that in a good way. Cocktails come served in elephant-shaped ceramic cups, long-stemmed glass blowfish and copper globes. The space itself is actually quite big, but cosy nooks and dim lighting give The Parrot an intimate feel. There are ten house cocktails, each named after a different breed of parrot, all of which call to mind long, lazy days in the humid Caribbean heat.

For more great places to drink, check out our list of the best bars in London.

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